ViLine offers a full package of warehousing services. All our services apply to both EU goods (customs-free cargo warehouses) and the goods of non-EU countries (customs warehouses). The warehouses always maintain a temperature of +5 degrees. Loading operations are performed using the latest equipment. After unloading, all goods are inspected, cargo weighted and measured. If requested by customers, we can sort, repackage and label their goods while being stored in warehouses. We supply all the materials needed (plastic film, pallets, etc.). The company also maintains an accounting of the movement of goods. We can provide reports on the movement and stock of goods in warehouses after every transaction, daily or weekly, depending on our customers’ needs.

Our services include:

  • Cargo loading (automated and manual loading operations)
  • Storage of goods
  • Selection, sorting, repackaging and labeling of goods.

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