Customs clearance services

ViLine specialists have successfully accumulated a particularly valuable amount of experience in dealing with customs procedures in different countries. This enables us to provide quality customs clearance services which are the beginning and end of all transportation processes. The customs procedures that a customer needs to go through are often likely to be more complex than the cargo transportation operation itself; therefore, we offer the services of our customs brokers and the possibility to get the best out of the customs procedures.

We provide consulting services and represent our customers in the following customs procedures:

  • Issuing of TIR Carnets and CMR waybills (resale of goods in customs terminals and customs warehouses)
  • Import and export procedures (also for the economic enterprises of other EU member states)
  • Handling of transit documents
  • Paying duties on behalf of the customer
  • Customs clearance services in Russia (DDP).

We also work with customs brokers in Germany, Russia and Belarus.

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